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Slots Variations

Though the main goal of all online slots games is pretty much the same, the staggering variety of games in today's online casinos has reached the point where some types of slots are almost entirely different games. They've definitely come a long way since the 3-reel, one payline slots of yesterday, though those are still out there too. In short, the number of slots variations on the market ensures there is something for everyone.

More About Slots Variations

Yes, online casinos still have 3-reel games in their lineups, and they retain a lot of loyal fans. These games simulate old physical machines with three spinning reels as players look to line up three identical symbols right across the center of them. The big difference is that a random number generator simulates the spinning of the reels, just as it does in more complex slots games.

Speaking of more involved games, today's video slots definitely fit that definition. Video slots are simulations of more technologically advanced physical slot machines that feature more reels (usually five but it can be more), numerous paylines and other additional ways to wager. Players still look to match up winning combinations of symbols, but now they can appear in many more locations and still yield a prize – sometimes even on multiple lines on the same spin.

Some video slots also have bonus rounds or bonus games that are activated by specific winning symbol combinations. Bonus rounds expand play beyond just spinning the reels and come in varieties too numerous to list here. They can be simple like picking one box out of a group of five to reveal a prize, or complicated enough that they seem like their own separate games. The thing to remember is that they are controlled by the random number generator just like normal play, and even bonus games that appear to be skill-based still come down to luck.

For really big prizes, it's hard to top progressive slots, also simply called progressives. By taking a small amount of money from every wager on every spin, progressives build up large jackpots that are hard to obtain but pay off handsomely if you do. Local progressives are built from the money bet on that game alone, but linked progressives pool the money from games in the same online casino or even a whole network of casinos that can accumulate until they reach amounts of $1 million or more.

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