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Slots Tips & Advice

The best piece of advice for anyone looking to play online slots is simply to find a game that is affordable and seems like fun. But there's a little more to it than that, especially when it comes to maximizing both your play time and your enjoyment, as not all slots games are created equal.

More Slots Tips & Advice

It's intuitive to think that in order to have the best chances of winning a jackpot and keep playing for the longest possible time, you should pick a slots game for the lowest possible denomination. In reality, it's just the opposite: All other things being equal, you should opt for the highest denomination game you can comfortably play. Obviously the “comfortably” part is a personal matter, but the fact remains that if you are a regular slots player, the higher denomination machine will be less costly over time.

The reason why has to do with payout or payback percentages. Every online slots game is set by the casino to pay back a certain percentage of what is wagered to the players in the form of prizes or jackpots. With few exceptions, higher denomination machines are set to higher payout percentages to compensate people for the risk they assume. As an example, let's say a slots game you really like is offered in both 5-cent and 25-cent versions, and you could play comfortably. It might seem like you would get five times the amount of play out of the 5-cent machine, and you might on any given day. However, in the long run, over thousands of thousands of spins, the 25-cent machine will prove to be the better value.

Another aspect of managing your slots bankroll has to do with progressive slots. Because a small amount of each wager is taken to fund the progressive jackpot, and the fact that the small but real chance of winning that jackpot is factored into the game's payout percentage, progressives are set to pay out smaller prizes less frequently than normal games. That means the mental calculus when considering playing progressives has to include the fact that you will likely play less than you would on a standard game of the same denomination in exchange for a shot at the big prize.

In the end though, it really goes back to finding a machine with a theme you like for the price you are willing to pay. Since online slots come in so many forms, it shouldn't be hard to find one that satisfies both of those requirements for any player.

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