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Online Slots – Learn About and Play Slots Online

Slot machines have been keeping gamblers entertained for more than a century. There's something about the allure of becoming a winner on any spin that appears to be timeless. That same thrill is now widely available in digital form thanks to online slots, which take the same principles as the one-armed bandits of old and expand them with features the likes of which the original inventors probably never dreamed possible.

More About Online Slots

Older physical slot machines contained mechanical reels that rotated around and had different symbols at regular intervals. Newer machines look more live video games, with large color monitors and a computer program that simulates the spinning reels. Online slots are much more like the latter, but in any case, the goal remains the same: To line up a winning combination, usually three or more of the same symbol. The prize for hitting a winning combination can range from a few credits to large jackpots that can reach seven-digit totals. The rule of thumb is that the larger the prize, the harder it is to win.

Online slots come in a variety of themes in order to appeal to the widest possible cross-section of potential players. These include generic concepts like jungles, cute animals and the like, as well as a wide range of licensed games based on popular movies and TV shows. Historically, slot machines have mostly drawn an older gambling demographic, but the rise of video slots and online slots has begun to change the mix somewhat. The companies that create the software that runs online slots games are always attempting to innovate in the areas of graphics, audio and game mechanics to keep the games interesting for all kinds of players.

Finding slots to play online for real money is a breeze, as they continue to be the most widespread form of online gaming. Some online casinos are devoted strictly to slots, and most others feature them as a heavy part of their mix of games. Some slots are exclusive to specific manufacturers, so you may not find your favorite game in every online casino. But rest assured that any gambling site worth its salt will have slots in a number of different themes, styles and denominations. Playing them requires no special skill or math knowledge, though it does pay to make sure you understand the cost and potential winnings for a new game before you play it for the first time.

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