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Online Slots Rules

Despite how easy online slots are to play, it's still quite possible to watch your money disappear a lot faster than you were expecting if you don't understand the games before you start the virtual reels spinning. This is even more important with 21st Century slots games, which have many ways to wager on the same spins, and you want to know what all of them are from the start.

More Online Slots Rules Information

The best place to start when it comes to understanding the rules of online slots is the concept of a payline. Quite simply, a payline is a specific place that symbols need to fall to be valid for winning something, whether it's money, free spins, or anything else. In older slots games, these were quite literally lines, straight across the reels. Those lines are still found on modern slots, but they've been joined by all kinds of different patterns that sometimes zig-zag across the reels, and it's not uncommon to see games with 20 paylines or more.

As a player, you have the option of betting on anywhere from a single line to all possible lines on every spin.. Note that this can make the game more expensive than it may first appear. For example, a machine with a 5-cent denomination can cost $1 a spin if it has 20 paylines and you wager on all of them. The benefit is that it gives you more chances to hit winning combinations, and some large slots jackpots can only be won if you are betting on every line.

On top of that, online slots sometimes offer the option of betting multiple coins per line. In our previous example of a 5-cent game, you might be able to bet up to five coins per line for a total of 25 cents – which would then make every spin on all 20 paylines cost $5. The prizes increase accordingly when you do, so finding the right balance is a matter of individual risk-reward analysis.

Every online slots game has a pay table or payout table that explains all of the possible winning combinations and the prizes for hitting them. It usually takes a single click to call it up on your computer screen, and reading it is the best way to determine exactly what's at stake on that particular game.

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