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Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest casino table games to understand and play, but it still has its intimidating aspects for new players. Some of those factors disappear when playing the game online, making it the perfect place for people just learning the game to try it out.

More About Online Roulette

The biggest and most obvious difference between online roulette and a physical roulette table is the fact that the betting layout is virtual. A physical table can be a mass of movement and prior to each spin, with people reaching over each other or sliding chips to the dealer to place wagers. In contrast, the betting process is much calmer in online play, requiring just a click or two to size the bet and place it in a valid spot on the layout. It's also simple to determine the payouts for each possible bet since roulette games at online casinos make that information very visible, often just by hovering over the wagering location.

Another big point of contention at a physical roulette table is determining when bets can no longer be placed for the current spin. The dealer is supposed to wave his or her hands over the layout after the ball has made several trips around the roulette wheel and has begun to slow down. If the dealer doesn’t make a strong enough motion or isn’t loud enough declaring “No more bets” verbally, it can lead to a great deal of confusion. This isn’t an issue in an online game, which simply locks out players from making more wagers at the appropriate time.

Other benefits of playing roulette online center on the fact that the chips are virtual. Because roulette chips can be given any value desired at the time a player buys in, it’s not uncommon to have players at the same table using chips with different values at the same time. This can potentially trip up the dealer when it comes time to cash out. Human error can also creep into payouts, particularly when a number that is hit is included in several different bets on the same spin. Online roulette processes all payouts and cash outs without any errors.

A final facet that some players may find a plus for online roulette is that it can be a solo game if they want it to be. Roulette tables at online casinos are often instanced just for one person, preventing them from being bothered by other players.

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