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Online Casino Software

At the heart of any online casino is some good software. After all, an online casino is basically a collection of computer programs that work together to simulate casino games. Every spin of the slot machine reels, shuffle of the cards and roll of the dice is all done digitally, and today's online casinos deliver these games to players in a variety of ways.

More About Online Casino Software

The software that runs online casinos has to be fast, reliable and flexible. Speed and reliability ensure that the casino games are playable without lag and interruption and that people don't get disconnected while doing their gambling. Flexibility allows the casinos to add new games, run new promotions, and generally respond to feedback from their players.

Traditionally, casino software has operated by having players download it to their computers. Under this setup, the players' computers are doing most of the processing that runs the games. The gaming experience is therefore dependent on the power of the user's PC, but it isn't affected as much by its internet connection speed. Downloading a casino software client is the best way to enjoy the widest selection of games with top notch graphics and sound.

Some players prefer not to download anything to their computers or enjoy on public computers. To reach this audience, online casinos came up with no download software that runs games in a standard browser window (usually using Flash or HTML5). This arrangement means that the casino's servers do most of the processing, essentially flipping the power-internet speed equation around when compared to downloadable software. No download games tend to have less robust graphics and audio as a result, though this is changing over time. Mac users can also take advantage of no download games, though most online casinos have both PC and Mac clients today.

The hottest area of online casino software is mobile. Using dedicated apps, online casinos have been able to make sure people can play their games on smartphones and tablets, devices whose popularity continues to rise. Because mobile devices generally have less processing power than desktops, mobile casino games have more in common with no download games when it comes to complexity. Some casinos have even started up that are entirely mobile, but the biggest casinos use a combination of download, no download and mobile software in order to meet a wide range of player preferences.