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Online Casino Dictionary

Online casino gaming has a lingo all its own. It's not quite the slang of a real life craps stickman, but it can be confusing for people who don't know it.

Listing of Online Casino Related Terms

Here are some useful definitions of terms you'll encounter playing at online casinos:

Action – The size of the wagers a player is making in a casino game.

Bankroll – The amount of money a player has available to gamble, either when referring to an individual game or his or her casino account as a whole.

Bonus – An extra amount of money or credits offered to a player for making a deposit or fulfilling another specific set of conditions.

Cash out – To leave the casino game you are playing and have the funds transferred back to your casino account. Also sometimes used to refer to withdrawing funds from a casino account.

Cashback – A special kind of bonus that returns a small percentage of a player's losses to his or her casino account.

Clear – To meet the terms of a bonus offer, making the credits or money available to the player.

House edge – The mathematical advantage the online casino has over the players in a particular game.

Jackpot – A large prize won by meeting specific conditions, usually ones that are difficult to meet during a normal playing session.

No download – A term used for casino games that can be played in browser windows and do not need to be downloaded to a player's computer.

Pay table – A chart or graphic that shows all of the winning combinations of symbols for a slots game.

Payline – A set of positions on a slots game in which symbols must fall in order to win a prize. Note that a payline is often not a straight line.

Progressive – A type of game that pays out large jackpots funded by taking small amounts of all wagers placed until someone triggers the jackpot.

RNG – An abbreviation for random number generator, a powerful computer program that allows the casino software to simulate physical casino game actions like the spinning reels of a slot machine or the drawing of cards in blackjack.