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Online Blackjack

Table games players have just as many options at online casinos as they do in brick and mortar gambling houses, but blackjack is still king. The world's most famous and popular table game plays even more quickly online while remaining one of the best ways to ensure you have a chance of maximizing your playing time or even turning a bit of a profit.

More About Online Blackjack

There are several reasons why playing blackjack online can provide a superior gaming experience compared to its physical counterpart, but most of them boil down to the fact that there are no cards – no real ones anyway. A random number generator simulates the results of drawing cards from one or more standard decks of 52 cards, so the game is the same as the one at the tables in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But no physical cards means no shuffling and no damaged cards, ensuring that all of your time is spent playing. This can be a negative when you are on a losing streak, but it's a definite plus at all other times.

It's also easy to find a game with your desired table limits, and online casinos tend to feature lower limit games more heavily than physical casinos. You'll never have to worry abut waiting for a seat, as the online casino can generate a new game for anyone who wants to play. In the same vein, it's very simple to switch between playing a single spot and two or more spots at any time. Most online blackjack games will permit you to add or drop spots on any hand provided you stay within the table limits.

Since there's no real way to count cards at an online blackjack game, online gambling sites usually offer rules that are friendlier to players, like the option to split hands multiple times and double down on any two cards. This runs counter to the trend of physical casinos to tighten up their rules to increase their holds as profits get smaller.

No human dealers means no misdeals, mistakes on payouts or misunderstandings on whether you asked for a hit. Other than these differences, online blackjack is the same game you've most likely seen or played in person. The basic strategies that work at a physical game will also work online, and it's not difficult to find charts and tables on the internet to have up on your computer to help you make smart decisions while playing.

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