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Mac Online Casinos

You don't have to be an online casino enthusiast to know that Macs have always lagged behind PCs when it comes to their selection of software. This has been true in the world of online gambling since it started in the late 1990s, but there have been recent signs that it's beginning to change. More casinos have made versions of their download clients for Macs, and Mac users have seen their real money gambling options steadily increase.

More About Mac Online Casinos

In the past, Mac users have been able to play only at online casinos that offer no download games. Unlike the web browser on iPhones and iPads, the Safari browser that is built into the Mac operating system does support Flash, which is the framework for the majority of browser-based casino games. However, the selection of games is usually limited for no download casinos, and the graphics and sound don't match up with those aspects of games requiring a software download. Another option was for Mac users to section off a portion of their hard drive to run Windows, but that was only a viable solution for people who have a good deal of technical knowledge.

With Macs above 10 percent of the desktop computer population and growing, online casinos have reevaluated whether it makes sense to make versions of their download clients for Macs. Increasingly, the answer has been yes, and some of the bigger names in the industry now have both Windows and Mac versions of their software available. This includes casinos powered by Microgaming and Playtech, as well as the proprietary software used by 888 Casino. Some casinos have even begun offering special bonuses for Mac users in order to publicize the fact that the option is out there.

One part of the Mac equation that is still out of whack is that Apple computers are very popular in the US, but online gambling for real money continues to exist in a hazy area of the law. For that reason, only a handful of Mac online casinos accept players from the US. There have been signs that the legal climate for online gambling has started to change, and there are several bills already in the works to open up and regulate the lucrative American market. If that comes to pass, users in the US should see a marked increase in the number of Mac online casinos willing to take their play.

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