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iPad Online Casinos

More than just the big brother of the iPhone, the iPad simply dominated the tablet market when it was introduced to the public. Android tablets are starting to chip away at that dominance, but currently the best big screen experience on any mobile device remains on an iPad. With that in mind, there are some definite advantages to playing online casino games on an iPad, though there are a few drawbacks as well.

More About iPad Online Casinos

The biggest thing online casino gaming has going for it is portability without giving up much screen size. The iPad screen is much bigger than a smartphone display, and the clarity produced by the retina display on newer models has to be seen to be believed. That can be a boon for players with poor eyesight, and the larger screen also makes hitting the right buttons in casino games a snap. As a mobile device, it can play online casino games anywhere there is a wi-fi connection or (for some models) the proper cellular service. Even around the house, it can be much more comfortable lounging on the couch to play some online slots than sitting at a desktop.

One problem in the past was that the iPad doesn't support flash, making it impossible to play many no download versions of online casino games. On top of that, Apple was initially reluctant to allow real money gambling apps in the App Store, even in countries where online gambling was legal and widespread. But Apple softened its stance in 2011, and while the app approval process is still a grueling one compared to other mobile operating systems, the number of online casino apps in the App Store in places like the UK continues to grow. Online casinos optimized for the iPad continue to improve in using all of the space available on its large screen.

Yet it's important to remember that even on the iPad, the graphics and sound quality aren't quite up to the same standard set by casino clients on desktop computers. In this regard, iPad online casinos have more in common with no download games, but future generations of the device with more powerful mobile processors should cause the gap to shrink or even disappear altogether.

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