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Android Smartphone Online Casinos

It's estimated that there are several hundred million Android smartphones in active use around the world. That's a large pool of potential real money gamers, which is why online casino companies have been eager to tap into it. The Android smartphone has proven a useful one when it comes to hosting casino games, and those games are just a download away for many people.

More About Android Smartphone Online Casinos

One of the big advantages to working with Android smartphones is that the approval process for apps is much less strenuous than it is for Apple's iOS devices. That allows casino companies to quickly get apps up and running to support players who would like to enjoy casino games on the go. The downside to this speedy entry to the Android market has been some lower quality apps, though the improvement in casino apps since 2012 has been noticeable.

One of the other drawbacks that Android smartphone casinos face is one of real estate. More precisely, it has to do with screen size, as there is only so much you can do with a casino game on a screen that is several inches high. Developers are continuing to raise the bar as they get more comfortable with the Android OS. At the same time, Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note are making people rethink their very definition of a phone with their oversized screens, giving the app creators more space with which to play.

Microgaming has been one of the leaders in bringing its games to Android smartphones thanks to its partnership with Spin3. Through this alliance, Microgaming online casinos are able to offer a range of slots games that includes progressive machines, video poker and table games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette to its mobile players. These games are designed in native fashion, meaning they are created from the ground up to run on Android phones and tablets.

Another software provider that has been active in bringing its games to Android smartphones is Net Entertainment. Using its NetEnt Touch brand, the company offers slots and blackjack games, and its management has gone on record saying that the Android market is one they are very interested in capturing.

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