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Android Online Casinos

The iPhone might have the most cachet of any smartphone, but the many devices that run the Android operating system combine to form a powerful ecosystem of their own. Online casino operators have certainly taken note of that fact, and have stepped up their efforts to have gaming apps available for Android smartphones and tablets.

More About Android Online Casinos

For those who may be unaware of what Android is all about, it's a computer operating system invented by Google. It's specifically tailored to run smartphones and tablets, and unlike Apple, which only uses its iOS operating system on its own products, Android provides the framework to run devices manufactured by many different companies. Acer, Asus, HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony are just a few of the companies that make Android gadgets, giving the system a worldwide reach.

Android devices use apps, which are computer programs created to run only on that operating system. Seeing the boom in the Android market, online casinos have been quick to respond by hiring programmers to make apps for them. This is a side effect of the overall surge in mobile device use in the 21st Century, but Android phones and tablets have gained a particularly large following since 2010. Android gambling apps lagged behind iOS apps for the first part of this decade, but they are constantly improving as time goes on.

There are a number of ways for Android online casinos to be downloaded to mobile devices. The first is via links or QR codes on online casino websites. In some countries, they can also be found on the Android Marketplace, now known as Google Play. Note that this is not the case in nations where online gambling is illegal or restricted, such as the United States.

After downloading the app, players can get started gaming in a matter of minutes. Most online casinos allow the same accounts to be used on computers and Android devices, though the methods for funding them may vary. The apps require an active wi-fi or cellular connection to operate, and game selection may be limited to only a percentage of the casino's full roster of games. However, as designers get more skilled at optimizing apps and mobile processors become more powerful, this too should change as the decade plays out.

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